What type of translations do you provide?

We provide translations for both individuals and businesses. Personal documents we translate include identification papers, qualifications or certificates.

Business translations we provide include documents for marketing, policy papers, brochures, legal contracts and financial reports. Our directors have a combined experience of more than 20 years' in translation management and are supported by a core team of 20 (senior) full-time translators, each having more than 10 years' of professional translation experience.

What are your working hours?

Our normal working hours is 9-5pm Monday to Friday, with limited email support on weekends and public holidays. We also work across different time-zones.

Do you use machine or AI translation?

No, we only employ human professional translators to ensure translation quality. We are aware of translation companies who machine-generate translations and employ human translators for post-edit work, but we are not in favour of this approach.

How do you track my payment?

We use your email to track orders. As such, please ensure you use the same email when sending us the files to translate.

I've not received the translation after the estimated time frame, what can I do?

Firstly, please ensure you are checking from the correct email you used during payment. Secondly, please check your junk/spam folder where our email may have got lost in. If there is no email from us found in your inbox/junk/spam folder, please email for support - info@mightytranslation.com

Can I get a discount?

Please email us - info@mightytranslation.com, if you'd like a custom quote or if you'd like to request for a discount translation service.

Where are your translators based?

Our translators are based globally. We choose dedicated, full-time translators with tertiary qualifications, and who have shown consistency meeting deadlines and quality in delivery. There are certain requests where local translators are required and in such instances, only local translators are used.

I don't know the word count of my document(s), what can I do?

You may email your document(s) to info@mightytranslation.com for a custom quote.

My credit card was rejected during payment, what can I do?

Check there is sufficient funds in your bank account, or if you have exceeded your daily spend, or if you have exceeded a payment limit. If the error code is '05', you need to check with your credit card provider for what is wrong with the card. We can also provide banking details for bank transfers. Just request for it - info@mightytranslation.com.

Do you mail certified translations?

No, we only deliver translations by email. We do not mail hard copies of translations.

Do you provide notarization of documents?

No, we do not notarize documents, unless you are requesting from Singapore for ICA submission, in which case, you need to request for a custom quote - info@mightytranslation.com